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Robot Rock du Jour: Severed Heads - Lamborghini/Petrol (1982/1985)

I'm HOOKED! Now this is some real Aussie nerdness! Nearly five minutes of minimal synth industrial perfection from legendary Sydney band Severed Heads. Disgustingly rare in its original wax format.

Lamborghini (Live at Metro TV, July 1982)


SCHEMATIC: Recording details and a later concert version...

There is some confusion regarding the actual name of this track: Is it Lamborghini or Petrol? My hunch is that Lamborghini is actually an early version of Petrol. The earliest example of Lamborghini is off the 1982 French compilation Entrave et Étouffement, whereas Petrol doesn't show up until 1985 on a 7".

There is a cut of Lamborghini on a compilation CD called Can't Stop It! II (Australian Post-Punk 1979-84) that was published in 2007. This version, with female vocals is sort of a disappointment and the compilation is just OK, although that track from Centerfold is good, too. Might as well pick it up digitally because Severed Heads early recordings will cost you from $50 - $2,000!am (CD Version)

Lamborghini (Can't Stop It! II) feat. female vocals


Petrol (Live at Rock Arena, 1986)