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Real Genius: Giorgio Moroder - From Here to Eternity (1977)

Moroder is the undisputed progenitor of Italo. The uncanny resemblance to SNL's Father Guido Sarducci notwithstanding, Moroder is a synth god. More machine than man, Moroder is to Italy as Kraftwerk is to Germany.

Although Moroder made some Taleggio over the years, From Here to Eternity is an early Italo masterpiece. First published as an LP in 1977 on US-based Casablanca Records, near mint copies of this album are still widely available for about $20. Synthspotters love this video...

SCHEMATIC: Some Moroder TV appearances, a Casablanca Records promo video, more details...

Moroder's discography is longer than the Dead Sea Scrolls. Among other massive hits, Moroder was behind Donna Summer's 1977 smash, I Feel Love.

He also did the theme song for the crazy-ass movie Midnight Express in 1978. Below is a classic German TV show (check out those mics!) introducing Moroder and his oscar-winning track, The Chase, which is 13 minutes of mind-warping synthesizer amazingness. In this all-too-brief clip, Moroder goes from laying it down in German to working a Minimoog in an ultra-rare LIVE performance.

Here is the original 8-minute 45RPM version of the track. I can't seem to find the 12" version, so will upload mine.

Here is the Casablanca Records promo where Moroder demonstrates his vocoder skills.

Moroder produced everyone and everything in the 1980s. Beyond rescoring the 1920s Fritz Lang film Metropolis, he was responsible for Top Gun (along with German protégé Harold Faltermeyer), Blondie's Call Me, Irene Cara's What a Feelin' LP which included Romance '83 (and Flashdance), The Neverending Story and so forth.