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Robot Rock du Jour: Zodiac - Zodiac (1980)

Communist disco?! YES! This Latvian state-sponsored disco was actually composed in a music conservatory. Zodiac is some seriously spaced-out synthy disco goodness. The simple composition of this eponymous track from their 1980 debut LP Disco Alliance brings the lush sythscapes and analog textures to the forefront. Loving those live drums. This exceptional track is essentially unknown in NA and generally available for about US$20 + international shipping. And peep that cover art!!

SCHEMATIC: Three more videos and some fantastic cover art...

Mysterious Galaxy is the lead track off the band's second LP, Music in the Universe released in 1982. This track takes a funkier approach than found on the first album, as evidenced by the Latvians tearing up the parquet.

Provincial Disco is the third track off the Disco Alliance LP. Although clearly weaker than Zodiac, the synths are still highly unusual. I'm sure you'll pick out quite a few interesting musical elements and a couple skillful transitions (2:15 & 3:36).

Pacific was the second track on the Disco Alliance LP. Again, clearly a weaker track than Zodiac, but pretty funky nonetheless.