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Robot Rock du Jour: Real Life - Send Me an Angel (1983)

RAD is to BMX what Gleaming The Cube is to skateboarding. An instant cult classic when it hit theaters in 1986, RAD is an absolutely essential piece of 80's history.

This next clip features a sick "bicycle boogie" set to Send Me an Angel by Australian band Real Life. I watched several versions of this clip on youtube and this one presents the best clip length, video and sound quality. Keep your eyes peeled for the Crimson Twins, Xamot and Tomax!!

SCHEMATIC: RAD BMX credits and three versions of the Send Me An Angel music video...

RAD (Opening/Ending Credits)

SEND ME AN ANGEL (1983 LP Version) Featuring Chewbacca's Cousin??

SEND ME AN ANGEL (1989 Video Version)

SEND ME AN ANGEL (1983 12" Extended Mix)