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Robot Rock du Jour: Cerrone - Supernature (1977)

This decidedly bizarre pre-Spike Jonze/Michel Gondry video features mutants, naked chicks à la Rio, a vintage Rolls-Royce and a kick-ass rainbow-coloured acrylic drum set. Supernature is a cautionary post-apocalyptic tale of scientific hubris and genetic experimentation gone awry. Although there are numerous tracks from the 70s and 80s that pay homage to space, robots and computers (thank God), few disco/synth tracks really drop earth science. Me like! Me like!


SCHEMATIC: High quality extended vinyl rip MP3, lyrics, cover art...

The Cerrone 3 LP is readily available on vinyl for only $10 or so. The LP version of the song is nearly 10 minutes long, but is actually only the first of three movements that comprise a totally epic Side A. Not really sure what happened on Side B, but who cares?!! The tracklisting and run times are:

a1) Supernature (10:20) a2) Sweet Drums (3:30) a3) Into The Smoke (4:40):

[audio:http://www.innernerd.de/audio/Cerrone/Cerrone_Supernature.mp3|titles=Supernature + Sweet Drums + In The Smoke (Side A)|artists=Cerrone]

Cerrone 3

Once upon a time Science opened up the door We would feed the hungry fields Till they couldn't eat no more

But the potions that we made Touched the creatures down below And they grow up in a way That we'd never seen before

<chorus>Supernature, supernature Supernature, supernature</chorus>

They were angry with the man Cause changed their way of life And they take their sweet revenge As they trample through the night

For hundred miles or more You could hear the people cry But there is nothing you can do Even God is on their side (God is on, God is on, God is on their side)

<chorus>Supernature, supernature Supernature, supernature</chorus>

Cars will break the light Come flowing in the air The creature will decide Who goes where

How can I explain Things are different today Darkness all around No one makes a sound Such a sad affair No one seems to care

<chorus>Supernature, supernature Supernature, supernature</chorus>

Better watch out There's no way to stop it now You can't escape It's too late Look what you've done There's no place that you can run The monsters made We must pray

Maybe nature has a plan To control the ways of man He must start from scratch again Many battles must he win Till he earns his place on earth Like the other creatures do Will there be a happy end Now that all depends on you

<chorus>Supernature, supernature Supernature, supernature</chorus>