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Robot Rock du Jour: Kébekélektrik - Journey Into Love/Magic Fly (1977)

Renditions of this killer track keep popping up. What is really strange, however, is that multiple bands released the same track in the same year. Kébekélektrik (aka Gino Soccio) released Journey Into Love in 1977 on Les Disques Direction Records from Montreal. The track, re-released as Magic Fly later that year, is nearly identical to Space's Magic Fly, but with a slightly different production feel. 


SCHEMATIC: Record scans, photos and YET ANOTHER VERSION...

Pink Project is like Pandora's Box, so I'll open that up on another post. In the meantime, you will hear Magic Fly at around 1:00 and again throughout this Italo track from 1982 that sounds like something from The Neverending Story. Thanks for posting this video Ignacio!


Journey Into Love