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Robot Rock du Jour: Space - Magic Fly (1977)

This video is totally out of control! Pictutre this: Robots rocking out on analog synths and live drums while a hot female humanoid dances seductively for your tripped out 1970s pleasure. French band Space clearly had it going on in 1977.

The audio player below comes pre-loaded with the  12" b-side track, Fasten Seat Belt, which was ripped at 24/96 from my personal copy and converted to MP3 at 192kbps. Although Fasten Seat Belt is a funkier journey into the cosmos, it still totally rocks!

[audio:http://www.innernerd.de/audio/Space/Space_Fasten_Seat_Belt.mp3|titles=Fasten Seat Belt|artists=Space]

SCHEMATIC: High quality vinyl rips from their second LP, Just Blue...

Despite the sweeeeeet album artwork, the 1978 follow up LP Just Blue was a collection of seven underground disco tracks that were, IMHO, alchemical failures. The musicianship is certainly there, as is the trippy space-disco feel, but they stopped short of the philosopher's stone. On the whole, the album reminds me of a soft-core space disco porn soundtrack. Here are my favorite three of the seven tracks.

Space Just Blue LP 1978

Just Blue

[audio:http://www.innernerd.de/audio/Space/Space_Just_Blue.m4a|titles=Just Blue|artists=Space]

Final Signal

[audio:http://www.innernerd.de/audio/Space/Space_Final_Signal.m4a|titles=Final Signal|artists=Space]

Blue Tears

[audio:http://www.innernerd.de/audio/Space/Space_Blue_Tears.mp3|titles=Blue Tears|artists=Space]