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Robot Rock du Jour: Medio Mutante - Corre Corre (2008)

There aren't too many young, contemporary bands that could fool me into thinking their work was good enough to be recorded 30 years ago. Medio Mutante (translation Average Mutant) is one of them. This naughty triad of vintage audio and video synthesizer maestros is putting out really thick analogue music. BTW, they're using a Fairlight CVI video synth for the visuals. Nerd Approved!

SCHEMATIC: Cover art, release info, more vids and where to buy...


Medio Mutante's first release, Inestable, is a 6-track EP published on Cititrax, a Minimal Wave sublabel. They only pressed 600 copes on 160-gram vinyl, which makes it a pretty good buy at $16.00 + s&h.