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Dans La Rue: Bay Area Maker Faire 2010

The Maker Faire is like an engineer's craft show on acid. There's dudes riding around in go-carts that look like cupcakes, sixty-year-olds playing Jules Verne in the Steam Punk pavilion and lots of fire. This first video features Mark Galt's intoxicating "Quadruped" kinetic sculpture at the Bay Area Maker Faire in May 2010.

SCHEMATIC: More videos and photos from Maker Faire 2010...

Mark Galt - Electric Motor Man

Atoms & Electrons - Apple IIe + Twitter

So this fellow bought an Apple IIe for $15 and rigged it up to turn twitter avatars and feeds into 8-bit artwork. Wicked!

Life-Sized Mousetrap

Remember that game mousetrap? How about a life-sized version for your backyard?

Purincess Labs - Deathwheel 3000dx

With a perverse sense of humor and penchant for fun, classmate Purin's Deathwheel 3000dx was a huge hit at Maker Faire.

Goligorsky Laboratory - Super Relax Concept Electric Research Vehicle (Tandem Bicycle)

David Goligorsky, Design's Oscar Wilde, developed this electric tandem as part of his graduate thesis project at Stanford's Design Program. Also shown is a road bike David designed and built, as well as "Hyper-Lincoln" whose red LED eyes signal out The Gettysburg Address in Morse code. This guys is off the chain. Sorry, bad joke.