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Robot Rock du Jour: Crash Course in Science - Flying Turns (1981)

This EP/12" gets me all wound up with some serious non-goth electro industrial madness! Crash Course in Science was formed in 1979 while the three members were attending art school in Philadelphia.Flying Turns is off their 12" Signals from Pier Thirteen originally published on Press Records in 1981.

SCHEMATICS: More videos and MP3s from the 12"...

Clean, first pressings sell for upwards of $100, with second pressings from 1986 on LD Records fetching only slightly less.

Cardboard Lamb (2:41)

Crashing Song (2:35)

[audio:http://www.innernerd.de/audio/CrashCourse/Crash Course Crashing Song.mp3|titles=Crashing Song|artists=Crash Course in Science]

Factory Forehead (2:56)

[audio:http://www.innernerd.de/audio/CrashCourse/Crash Course Factory Forehead.mp3|titles=Factory Forehead|artists=Crash Course in Science]