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Keyser Söze Alert: Trophy – Slow Flight (1982)

This unstoppable Italo electro-disco jam from 1982 spawned the fabled Fuzz Dance label. Italo master Maurizio Dami (aka Alexander Robotnick) was heavily involved with this label as both a producer and remixer. Does anyone out there know if he produced this track, too? http://youtu.be/zcL2FMnoSbk

Here's the spacey instrumental version ripped from my vinyl copy.

[audio:http://www.innernerd.de/audio/Trophy/Slow_Flight_Instrumental.mp3|titles=Slow Flight (Instrumental)|artists=Trophy]

SCHEMATIC: Record scans and Alexander Robotnick dropping some disco knowledge...

This video spurred me to go on a one-year rare disco vinyl collecting rampage and start this blog. Consider yourself warned!