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Robot Rock du Jour: Eberhard Schoener + The Police = Why Don't You Answer? (1978)

I flipped when I found this at the record store today for CAN$8! Are you kidding me?! This incredible track is the result of a long-forgotten collaboration between the Roxanne-era Police and German composer/keyboard player Eberhard Schoener. Seriously! Sting on vocals and bass, Steward Copland on drums/percussion and Andy Summers on guitar with Schoener laying it down heavy on the synth. Sting's signature voice and the song's slow build opens the door for uniquely anxious lyrics. Infectious and awesome.

SCHEMATIC: Weird Video Magic live performance video, cover art and record scans...

The song Video Magic pretty much sucks, but the video is weird enough to justify the post.

Why Don't You Answer? first appeared in 1978 on Schoener's album Flashback, only to return on the compilation Video-Magic in 1981.