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Keyser Söze Alert: Los Autómatas - Viaje Espacial (1982?)

100% addicted to this song. Which is a serious problem, because other than this single, solitary video, I can find no trace of the band's existence. Anywhere. Are vinyl pressings gathering dust somewhere in Argentina? A handsome reward for any information leading to my successful capture of this track on wax.

SCHEMATIC: The real story...

But wait! The plot thickens! I found this video by the Dutch band, Nova for their first single, Aurora from 1981. Same video. Different song. Same band???!!

I tracked down the following picture of Nova performing on TopPop (TV) in April of 1982. The photo features band members Rob Papen and Ruud van Es. Based on this new evidence, the videos clearly feature Nova. But the original questions still remain.


I got in touch with Ignacio, who originally posted the Los Autómatas video. It turns out that he made this video as a joke using his own music that he put together in an hour or two!! The actual song is Systenova - Viaje Espacial.  "Systenova" is his pseudonym for Italo-Disco, HiNRG, Spacesynth, Synth-pop, Disco, Acid Techno, etc...

You can find some old unfinished/abandon demos on youtube and myspace.
Once I listened to Viaje Espacial using headphonesm, the digital production value really came through. I was duped. But so what?! I'm happy we now have an ally in Argentina!

Thanks Ignacio!!