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Robot Rock du Jour: Rational Youth - Cité Phosphore/City of Night (1982)

So let's get the show started right now with a very hot Montreal group...their name Rational Youth...here for their first time on TV singing their big summer hit, Cité Phosphore...enjoy the show.

Cité Phosphore (Musi-Video)

SCHEMATIC: LP Version (English), 12" Danse Mix (bi-lingual) and a scan of the original English lyrics...

Pretty hot shit, right? Additional videos posted below feature the album version (in English) off their 1982 COLD WAR night life LP and the 12" Danse Mix (bi-lingual). The album cut was taken from my mint original copy, ripped at 24bit/96kHz. I also found and posted the original lyrics sheet to City of Night from the Rational Youth website. The lyrics do not directly translate from French to English and I prefer the flow to the French cut, but in all fairness, I heard that one first.

City of Night (LP Version)


City of Night (12" Danse Mix)


City of Night (Original Lyrics)

City of Night