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Keyser Söze Alert: R.E.M. - Computer Communication (1983)

No, Michael Stipe and did not dabble in Italo. Actaually, Computer Communication was the second of four releases to appear on the short-lived Xanadu label from Italy in 1983. This is a readily available and largely underrated Italo classic 12" that you can still buy in excellent condition for around $20. They're pretty tough to find for sale in the US, so you'll probably have to pay international air postage from Italy if you're dying for the track.

SCHEMATIC: Automan 11 bootleg reissue...

Beyond buying a few records to lower the per unit shipping cost or waiting for one to show up in the US, this track was reissued as a high-quality bootleg as the B-side of Automan 11 in 2005 along with Junior  Byron's Dance to the Music and Kazino's Binary on the A-side. A NM example is currently available in the US for $10 on Discogs Marketplace.

I embedded youtube videos for all three tracks, since they're all pretty rad. That being said, I do prefer the dub version to Junior Byron's track, which was used to great effect on DFA label co-owner and LCD Soundstyem frontman James Murphy's FabricLive.36 compilation.