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IoT - Tony Tempa from BleepBleeps

BleepBleeps is another iOS app-enabled IoT consumer-directed health play. Their devices masquerade as bright-colored "characters" each purpose-built to address some aspect of childcare from conception through adolescence. Yes, their post-modern design is particularly charming, but what is of great interest here is the go-to-market strategy.

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 3.44.44 PM.png

Heading into crowdfunding soon, BleepBleeps gives you the plans and Bill of Materials to make their first device, Tony Tempa (an ear thermometer) yourself! They say they'll be posting meshes of his case soon. This extremely interesting blend of hacker/maker/DIY/open source meets crowdfunding is purely intentional. Once you engage, the app brings users ever-deeper into the BleepBleeps ecosystem. Brilliant!  

    BleepBleeps Tony Tempa Schematic