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Robot Rock du Jour: Neon Indian (2009)

Although still a bit self-conscious and borderline radio friendly, the combination of 8-bit feel and vintage synths with some 21st century compression is post-worthy. A little grooming, a bit more suffering and these kids could really develop a sound. It is synth meets indie meets navel-gazing pop. Straight outta...Texas? Love it. Peep the analog video synth work as well! 

SCHEMATIC: A curated selection of video goodies!

Robot Rock du Jour: Liaisons Dangereuses - Los Niños Del Parque (1981)

German EBM (Electronic Body Music) pioneers, Liaisons Dangereuses are goin' for it full throttle on this track. This particular live version was filmed in Manchester in 1982. Acid synthlines abound, making this track a landmark Chicago/Detroit precursor. iSpy my favorite synth duo the Korg MS-20 and MS-50. 

Synth goddess and band co-founder Beate Bartel was also one of the original members of the avant-garde band Einstürzende Neubauten. This next live version was filmed at a music festival in Düsseldorf. Check out pink hair at 1:21!!

For comparison purposes, I've also included a still frame video for the 12" version.