I am an experience designer and strategist 
fostering dialogue between technology and people.

Experience: Imaginary Labs (2011)

Coming off the success of The Imaginarium, Greg Kress and I founded Imaginary Labs to conduct research at the intersection of experimental multimedia environments and human creativity. We were awarded top secret lab space in the Hansen Experimental Physics Laboratory End Station III, the terminus of the original Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. 

The Imaginarium is now rebuilt, complete with HVAC "borrowed" from the nearby CRAY supercomputer. The Imaginarium will once again become an integral part of ME101 Visual Thinking, a cornerstone of the Undergraduate Design Program. 

The original Imaginarium used a projection system located beneath the floor that projected upwards through a fluid filled sphere. We built our first prototype to utilize the same system. However, it turned out that a projector mounted at the top of the dome pointed down onto a hemispherical mirror worked much, much better. Here's an early prototype of that, set to one of my stop motion music videos.

Before relocation to a high school in Los Angeles in 2012, the Imaginarium was used as an ad hoc work space, classroom and experimental multi-media gallery. Check out a few examples below.